How far that little candle throws his beams! So shines a good deed in a naughty world.

Your gift, regardless of its size, can spread some light in our world. Your tax-deductible donation brightens the lives of our students and faculty by serving as additional resources for our productions, or even more importantly, by providing direct support to our most deserving student artists.  There are a variety of current funds or scholarships to which you may specifically target your contributions or perhaps you will consider creating a new one.


Give to your favorite Theatre or Dance Scholarship or Fund

1. Please click the link above.
2. Choose "Other" under the "Designation" drop down arrow. 
3. Then enter the full Foundation code - for example "R231 - Theatre Fund" in "Other." 
                         Thank You for your Support.

The current Department of Theatre and Dance scholarships and funds include the following: 

• R231 - Theatre Fund (main departmental fund) E232 - Maria Alicia Elfe Award in Theatre
R457 - Theatre Faculty Award 
E241 - Emmett Robinson Memorial Scholarship
R458 - Center Stage Award E332 - Mary Kay Holloway Jollensten Memorial Scholarship
R459 - Theatre 220 Fund E349 - Arthur McDonald Award in Theatre
• R580 - Robert Ivey Scholarship in Dance E518 - Franklin B. Ashley Award in Playwriting

• R676 - Dance Program Fund

E558 - Valerie Morris Award for Outstanding Performance


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