Master of Arts in Teaching in Performing Arts

Did you know that since 2004 Music, Theatre, Art and Dance have been on the National Teacher Shortage Areas list? That means that there are more jobs available in arts teaching than there are certified arts teachers. Each year the MAT in the Performing Arts Program graduates certified Music and Theatre K12 teachers who have found jobs immediately upon graduation both here and across the country including Boston and LA!

Theatre Concentration (45 Credit Hours)

The MAT in Performing Arts - Theatre concentration is looking for students who possess a passion for theatre and a desire to share it through teaching. We are seeking people who majored or minored in Theatre (or an undergraduate degree with equivalent experience and training in theatre) who wish to teach, but do not have a teacher licensure. 

Is this program for you? Start answering that question by contacting us and telling us about yourself and your desire to teach theatre! In this program, you will have the chance to build upon what you already know, adding new skills onstage, backstage and in the classroom. Do you want to be a part of shaping the future of theatre and education? If so, then we are the place for you to come, learn, grow and go!


How long does the program take?

  • Most people complete it in 2 years or less. If you are already an undergraduate in theatre or music at CofC you may be able to take some of the graduate classes while finishing your undergraduate class and shorten the time to complete both degrees

How will I pay for this degree?

  • There are fellowships and graduate assistantships available as well as Teacher Grants and Teacher Loan Forgiveness programs. It is possible to have the entire degree paid for through a combination of these opportunities. 

Program info:

Non-Degree Seeking Coursework

Teachers and arts professionals who are not seeking a degree but who wish to take graduate specialty coursework may be admitted as non-degree students. To apply under non-degree status, submit the following to the Graduate School Office:

  • Copy of professional credentials
  • An official college transcript from an accredited institution documenting the completion of a baccalaureate degree with a concentration in the arts.


Laura Turner
Program Director - MAT in Performing Arts
Associate Professor of Theatre
Department of Theatre and Dance
Cato Center for the Arts, room 304

The Graduate School of the College of Charleston
66 George Street
Charleston, SC 29424-0001

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