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The Department of Theatre and Dance welcomes all students! Have you ever wanted to learn to sew? Tap Dance? Write and act for television and movies? Use power tools? Study fashion history? Audition for a show? Did you participate in theatre and/or dance during high school and want to continue your passion for the arts alongside your other academic pursuits? We have lots of exciting opportunities for students of any major.  All of our courses are open to all students.

Courses for Gen Ed Credit

The Department of Theatre and Dance as numerous courses that also fulfill general education credit requirements.  Please see the list below for Fall 2021 courses:


Dance Appreciation - DANC 150 is an introductory course, designed for non-majors, which investigates dance as a culturally significant art form. Includes an examination of dance’s evolution through historical and aesthetic perspectives; basic elements of the discipline; and the relationship between dance and other art forms/disciplines. Attendance at relevant performances/events is required.

Special Topics: Sex, Scandal and Dance - DANC 290

History of Non-Western Dance - DANC 330 Explores the complex relationships between dance and its surrounding cultural landscape. Offers a critical evaluation of the role that dance plays in non-western societies and its functions within various culture. Investigates how dance is defined by the political, social, religious, economic, and moral values of a society.

History of Western Dance - DANC 331 is a omprehensive historical study of the development of dance in western culture from pre-Christianity to the present. Review of significant genres, dancers, choreographers, works, and companies. Explores how dance is both a function of society and theatrical entertainment. Overview of accompanying developments in music, theatre, and related fine arts.

THTR 175: Art and Craft of Theatre is a participatory course designed to introduce the student to many aspects of the live theatre experience and practice. This includes dramatic literature and analysis, playwriting, “show business”, acting and directing, design elements and techniques, theatrical scholarship, and critical evaluation of plays and specific productions.

THTR 176: Theatre Appreciation is an introduction to the history, literature, principles and techniques of the theatre. This course requires attendance at events and written critical responses.

THTR 177: Acting for Everybody: Class for the Real World is an introduction to the art and craft of acting for majors outside of theatre. The activities here are designed to provide life skills for relationship building, communication, confidence, and awareness. The course encourages self-exploration of the voice, body, and imagination to develop expressiveness and the ability to play simple performance actions.

20th Century Fashion - THTR 218 This course provides an overview and visual recognition of clothing and fashion trends of the 20th century and its cultural language. Through lecture, discussion and research, the course examines the social, political and practical influences on dress and accepted attire for women and men from the turn of the 19th century through the early 21st. The course addresses the evolution of the modern fashion industry and controversial isues surrounding the industry.

Theatre History - THTR 310 is a study of the development of the theatre and its literature from the Greeks to 1750, including a survey of plays, actors, theatre architecture and production arrangements. Emphasis will be on the role that theatre and theatrical texts played within the society of their creation.

African American Theatre - THTR 316 is the study of the role, scope, and significance of African American theatre in modern society through the reading of representative plays and examination of individuals and organizations that have fostered the development and growth in the field.

History of Fashion & Manners - THTR 318 This course will allow the student to develop an overview and recognition of Western costume and fashion from pre-history to the present. Through lecture, discussion and research, the course will examine the social, political and practical influences upon dress and mannerism.

Children’s Theatre - THTR 321 This course has two primary components. The first is a survey of children’s theatre, including its history and philosophy as well as the literature of the genre. The second is a practical study of how the younger audience affects the production aspects of playwriting, acting, directing and design of the children’s play.

Contemporary Theatre - THTR 387 is an in-depth study of the eclectic, experimental, and hybrid nature of the theatre of the 21st century, with special emphasis on the surreal, the non-narrative as well as new approaches to dramatic naturalism.


Other - No-Prerequisite courses:

Stagecraft I - THTR 209 is an introduction to theatrical production including the basic tenets of scenic construction, lighting, sound and stage management. Sessions will be held on emerging technologies such as video production and special effects. Students will have hands-on opportunities to experience theatre technology. A lab in the technical areas of theatrical production is required.

Costume I -THTR 240 is a studio class introducing technical skills in constructing costumes, basic makeup application and wardrobe duties for theatre. Through Lecture and Lab students will also examine the collaborative relationship between technicians and designers. Students will gain practical experience in additional Lab Hours working on costume construction for current productions or serving as wardrobe crew for performances.

Acting I - THTR 277 is an introduction to the art and craft of acting. The course encourages self-exploration of the voice, body, and imagination to develop expressiveness and the ability to play simple performance actions.

Dance Technique Classes at the 100 level

Student Organizations

Center Stage

No theatre department is complete without its own student-run producing organization. Center Stage, which has been in existence in various forms since at least 1912, produces 4-6 shows each year that are entirely separate from the Department of Theatre and Dance.  Their season produced by an elected board of students is directed, designed, and performed by majors, minors, and any student interested in the theatre.

Dance Alliance

Dance Alliance seeks to unite students in the collaborative arts experience. The organization provides free master classes in a variety of dance styles taught by regional professional dancers and companies. Each semester members of CofC Dance Alliance are encouraged to take the offered classes, develop and perform in student-choreographed works in an informal performance, and participate in the flourishing Charleston arts community. The organization allows students the opportunity to learn, inspire and socialize with peer dancers and artists in a creative, non-judgemental environment. 

Season Auditions

All departmental auditions are open to all students regardless of experience!  You can earn credit for working backstage that can be applied to the 122 credits you need to graduate.  Look for more information about auditions for our fall productions now.


Need more information or have some questions?  Please contact any of the following people who are more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

Janine McCabe - Chair of the Department of Theatre and Dance

Vivian Appler - Director of Theatre

Gretchen McLaine - Director of Dance

Miles Boinest - Office Manager and Operations Coordinator

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