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Season 2020-2021


How the Vote Was Won by Cicely Hamilton and Christopher St. John

Directed by Susan Kattwinkel

It’s London, it’s 1918, there’s a dangerous flu going around, and the country is emerging from a long, difficult war. It’s the perfect time for women to agitate for the vote! What happens when women come up with a big, ridiculous idea to convince the men in charge that it’s time to open up the government to the voices of women? Weirdly, hilarity ensues.

Join us for this one-act farce celebrating women’s voting rights. Watch the Department of Theatre and Dance enter the brave, new world of performing during a pandemic. New technology! Socially distanced acting! Join us for this hysterical experiment.

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Did you miss the live stream?  You may rent the video from October 3rd thru October 17th.

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Tickets Prices: $18 (Groups of 3 or more), $8 (Adults, Military & Seniors), $5 (CofC Faculty, Staff & Students), $5 (18 and under)

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dance, deconstructed

Artistic Director Gretchen McLaine

Necessity breeds creativity, and this pandemic has allowed our choreographers to explore creative new paths to building a performance which challenges the dancers in unexpected ways.  This year's fall concert, dance, deconstructed, promises to offer the audience exciting choreography and spectacular dancing through a digital format.  Artists explore deconstructing the idea of performance and choreographic processes as the current pandemic pushes a re-evaluation of how we approach dance.

October 25th - November 1st - This production is Video on Demand

TICKETS$18 (Groups of 3 or more), $8 (Adults, Military & Seniors), $5 (CofC Faculty, Staff & Students), $5 (18 and under)


Antigone adapted by Emily Mann

Directed by Nakeisha Daniel

"How can one penetrate the absolute certainty and righteousness of political or religious leaders who refuse to listen?" "What happens when neither side in a conflict agrees to yield?" "What happens when one sees the catastrophic consequences of one's actions too late?" Viewed as a contest between equally determined and fierce competitors, both right and both wrong, Antigone is an intense examination of these questions.  Antigone battles Creon, her uncle, for the right in God's name to bury her dead brother, Polyneices, but loses that fight in a horrifying conclusion to this story.  This adaptation of Sophocles' play takes a fresh look at Antigone's own rigidity as an equal contributor to this story's devastating ending.  The path taken here -vengeance will breed vengeance - is a shattering lesson for our times.

November 19th and 20th


Our Story: Student Voices on 2020

Directed by alumnus Michael Smallwood

This collection of original monologues focuses on the student perspective responding to news/stories/climates of the world of 2020. Devised, written, and performed by students and led by alum Michael Smallwood, Our World speaks to and attempts to interpret these challenging times of pandemic, social change and unrest, and economic and environmental uncertainty - exploring the events, people, and places that have shaped who we are today, and who we might be tomorrow.


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