Department of Theatre and Dance productions are open to all College of Charleston students regardless of major and as such the Department welcomes any (and every) student to audition.

Due to the changes being put in place because of the pandemic, the productions for the fall semester have been changed. There will be a variety of performance opportunities that allow for processes such as hybrid virtual/in-person rehearsal, in-person rehearsals and all virtual rehearsals, depending on the production. These will include produced and streamed plays, a radio play, virtual theatre and dance pieces and filmed dance offerings. More information will be posted about the various opportunities as the semester begins.

The following two shows for which auditions are now open are scheduled to be produced and streamed from the Emmett Robinson stage. Both shows will be performed in masks, using social distancing, with no live in-person audience. Both shows will be streamed online. (We recognize that the COVID-related situation could change at any point, and we are making plans for some type of performance no matter what our in-person class situation is.)

How the Vote was Won, by Cecily Hamilton, directed by Susan Kattwinkel

            Tech and streaming performances: week following September 25th

    Rehearsals begin the first week of classes.

Antigone, by Sophocles, directed by Nakeisha Daniel

            Tech and streaming performances: week following November 13th

- Audition information -

Videos due 5:00 p.m. August 7th

If you have already submitted audition videos, we have those and will be using them for casting.
However, if you would like to replace either of your videos, you are welcome to submit a new video.

Even if you submitted videos and don’t want to submit a new one, please fill out the new audition form, so we have your updated information.

If you have not already submitted an audition video and would like to audition, please submit a video via FlipGrid. Please submit one contemporary monologue of no more than 90 seconds. There are sides posted on FlipGrid by the directors that you can read from during your audition if you don’t have a monologue ready to audition with.
You may either download the Flipgrid app onto your phone or tablet or you may go to and use your computer.

Each video submission has a time limit of 90 SECONDS.
See the video tutorial below, if you need additional instructions.
You must also complete this audition form before your audition submission will be considered complete.

You can submit one video to be considered for both productions. Link to the FlipGrid:
FlipGrid Tutorial: